Australian Government Linked Data Working Group

The Australian Government Linked Data Working Group was established in August 2012 to meet the Linked Data challenges facing the Australian government.


This Working Group is informal but some of its functions are recognised by multiple agencies. A Memorandum of Understanding, signed in 2017, is in effect between 6 agencies (DTA, BoM, CSIRO, Dept. Finance, GA & NAA) which reserves the use of this web address,, for Linked Data resources.

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As Linked Data technologies advance and become commonplace, it will be necessary for Government to become responsive to the demands of its citizens, as well as its own entities, with regards to Linked Data's use. Developing government arrangements and establishing technical mechanisms for Linked Data implementations will ensure Australian individuals, businesses and organisations can benefit from the opportunities these technologies offer.

The Group is a community of Commonwealth Government Linked Data experts and champions with invited, non-voting, participation of individuals, corporations and other entities. In addition to drafting policy and technical guidance on the implementation of Linked Data for the Australian Government, members of the group also supply some core technical Linked Data services.

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Informal Members

Current Work

Several subgroups operate under the auspices of the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group with two of the groups being concerned with establishing guidelines on the use of Linked Data in the Australian Government. Meetings of these subgroups are attended by a range of members of the working group and are also open to informal or prospective members of the working group and to occasional visitors wanting to know about Linked Data infrastructure.

See the Groups page for more information about our subgrous and other Linked Data-related groups that we know of.

Persistent Identifier Allocations

This working group allocated persistent, Internet-based identifiers for Linked Data resources, as per our URI Guidelines (see the Governance page). The status of identifiers allocated is given in the PID Allocations Catalogue:

This catalogue contains both allocated and requested but not allocated identifiers. Requests for new identifiers are made by creating new entries in the catalogue. All Working Group members may make such requests.