Australian Government Linked Data Working Group

AGLDWG groups

This Working Group consists of a main group and 3 subgroups:

  1. Recommendations
  2. Solutions
  3. Visibility

Recommendation subgroup

This subgroup maintains and develops guidelines aimed at helping government stakeholders to define and manage URIs for ‘Linked Datasets’ and the resources described within. The group also reviews ontologies in the context of other initiatives such as the W3C Data On the Web Best Practices ( and where necessary develops purpose-built ontologies for ‘Linked Datasets’ published by the Australian Government. The Recommendation subgroup meets once a month to discuss issues relating to this. The subgroup has published the following documents:

Solutions subgroup

This subgroup is concerned with Linked Data infrastructure. Currently it manages a Persistent ID system (PID system) that makes URI-based PIDs for a number of subdomains available for government use.

This group will be considering other Linked Data infrastructure relevant to Australian Government, such as a Linked Data data cache, possibly ontology hosting and so on. Join the subgroup to discuss possibilities!

Visibility subgroup

This subgroup is tasked with promoting this Working Group.

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